Chelsea Lavezza

Chelsea Lavezza

Boundary Street Elementary

Hometown: Whitmire

High School: Whitmire High

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Anna Farmer was my kindergarten teacher at Whitmire Elementary School. I will always remember her caring nature and ability to make learning fun. Her teaching style definitely inspired me to have the same mentality as a teacher. She is currently still teaching in NCSD and we talk often.

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: I love the relationships built with students and having a sense of community in the classroom. Nothing compares to my students coming to school each day excited to learn and viewing our class as a safe place they can be themselves.  

Favorite Topic to Teach: Teaching guided reading is my favorite part of our day! Helping students learn to read is such a rewarding feeling and I love the rapid reading growth we usually experience in 1st grade.  Guided reading time is precious to me because I get to share in get-to-know you opportunities with my students on an academic and personal level. They enjoy the activities and strategies we do within our lessons and it is great to see their growth from lesson to lesson.

Advice for Students: I always encourage my students to produce work THEY are proud of and that they can do anything they set their mind to.

Favorite Book: “601 Maple Street” by Jeff Gray