Over the Counter Meds

Just a friendly reminder that if you wish for your child to receive ANY over-the-counter medication (ex. Children's Tylenol, hydrocortisone cream, cough drops, etc.), the nurse will be glad to keep the medication in the health room and administer these medications to your child. A medication permission form must be signed by the parent/legal guardian before the nurse can administer any medication, including over the counter medications. If the dose the student receives is within the manufacturer's guidelines for their age, then only the parent needs to sign the form. If you have an over the counter medication that has a prescription label or if you want your child to receive a dosage higher than the manufacturer's recommendations, then a healthcare provider will need to sign the medication permission form in addition to the parent. The parent, NOT the student, needs to bring the medication with the original label on the bottle, tube, or container, to the health room. The parent may sign the medication permission form at the time they bring the medication to the health room, or they may call the nurse ahead of time and she will send home the form with the student to be signed. The parent can then bring the form into the health room with the medication. Please contact Nurse Gena if you have any questions.