About Our School

Our school is one of the oldest operating elementary schools in the state of South Carolina. In 1909 the cornerstones were laid for the construction of a two-story brick building characterized by its mighty entryway white columns. The building process was completed in 1910. By 1915, this building housed a school which had become the pride and cornerstone for the local community. This remains true over one hundred years later. Due to growth in the community, many different addition and renovation projects have occurred over the years. In the early twenties, a two-room white wooden building was constructed in the rear of the existing brick building. In 1939 four classrooms, a gymnasium, and an above-ground basement were added. The basement was utilized for a kitchen, lunchroom, and as a workshop for the vocational students. In 2003 a structure was added to include eight new classrooms. The latest restoration and expansion project began in 2006. The main goal of the renovation project was to capture the character of the original building while providing a modern, state-of-the-art learning facility for academics including eight new classrooms, a new cafeteria, and art and music classrooms. At some point over the years, the original gymnasium was converted to classrooms to accommodate the need for more classroom space. During the latest restoration project the gymnasium was restored to its original state. The auditorium of the school was given an overhaul and returned to its original luster as well as equipped with handicap accessible lifts. This is important not only for our school but for our community as well.


The faculty and staff at LME will prepare responsible leaders and motivated learners who contribute to our school and community. We will do this by working as a team to live, model, and teach the 7 Habits.


Leaders Moving Mountains